Claro Reaches 4.8 Gbps in First 5G Test in Brazil

Claro (America Movil), the largest telecommunications group in Latin America and Ericsson have performed the first 5G test in Brazil during the recent Futurecom 2016.

Both firms were able to reach speeds up to 4.8 Gbps using four 6 MHz carriers in the 15 GHz band (between 14.7 GHz and 15.1 GHz).

According to Ericsson, 5G will make it possible for organizations to foray into little explored markets and develop new commercial models, including applications focused on the Internet of Things. The resources available through the use of this technology include greater network capacity and increased data traffic, low energy needs, more security and reliability, as well as reduced latency.

The demonstration allowed telecom operators and partners, such as academic institutes, healthcare centers, and the energy and agriculture sectors, to test 5G features on a live network, said Ericsson.

The agreement for the testing between the two companies were reached in 2015 during a meeting with the Brazilian government at Ericsson’s headquarters in Sweden, where the company announced that it would also lend support to the country in its digital agenda.

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