Chunghwa Telecom first in Taiwan to introduce LTE-U LAA technology

Chunghwa Telecom leading mobile network service industry, today announced the industry's first to import the LAA (Licensed Assisted Access) network technology, through the integration of LTE license band (licensed band) and 5GHz unlicensed bands (Unlicensed Band) , and Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan only 4CA and 5CA are used together to effectively improve network capacity and speed. LAA network technology is one of the LTE-Advanced Pro technologies developed by the 3GPP standards organization . It can extend LTE to the license-free band and provide bandwidth by combining one LTE carrier (20MHz) and three license-free carriers ( 20MHz each ) . The 80MHz quad-band aggregation network service, combined with LTE carrier 4x4 MIMO technology, provides a theoretical download rate of nearly 1Gbps .

Chen Mingshi, general manager of Chunghwa Telecom's mobile communications branch, said: "To meet the needs of customers' mobile Internet access, Chunghwa Telecom, which has the industry's largest bandwidth, has continuously introduced the latest technologies, such as LWA , 4CA , 5CC , 5CA , LAA, etc., in recent years . Committed to providing customers with the best mobile network services." It is expected to start LAA services in September , starting in crowded indoor areas, station halls, stadiums and other network hotspots . This service will effectively increase the speed of regional networks and respond to the demand for speed in crowded areas, allowing customers to enjoy a smooth mobile network experience!

The LAA service needs to be matched with the support model. Chunghwa Telecom's exclusive Sony XZ2 Premium is the flagship model of the first sales support LAA technology. It is expected that more flagship models will support LAA technology before the end of the year . Chunghwa Telecom's mobile network services have won the "Taiwan Mobile Internet Speed ​​First Prize" by two internationally renowned mobile network reporting authorities Speedtest â€ ; OpenSignal survey report " 4G download speed" and "overall download speed" champion! Chunghwa Telecom has the largest bandwidth in the industry of 180MHz , covering the widest range and the largest number of base stations. It has spared no effort to introduce the latest technologies such as 4CA , 5CC and 5CA . Now it has announced that it will be the first to introduce LAA network technology. Chunghwa Telecom stated that it will adhere to the customer-centric business philosophy and continue to work hard to provide customers with a better service experience.