China Mobile awarded FDD-LTE licence

The Board of Directors of the Company is pleased to announce that it has been informed by China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. (the “Parent Company”) that on 3 April 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China granted the basic telecommunications service operating permit for “LTE/4G Digital Cellular Mobile Service (LTE FDD)” (“LTE FDD”) to the Parent Company.

Having built and operated the world’s largest TD-LTE (also known as LTE TDD) network, the Company will devote its full efforts to assist the Parent Company in building and operating LTE FDD. In accordance with the operating permit requirements, the Company will vigorously promote the development of mobile Internet of Things and Industrial Internet on a nationwide basis, actively initiate the scale application of TDD/FDD convergence network and comprehensively enhance the quality of high-speed broadband mobile communications services in rural areas, and raise the overall network quality at a lower cost. At the same time, the Company will strengthen its product and business innovation, provide its customers with better and more convenient services, and further enhance customer perception. The Company believes that the aforesaid operating permit will be conducive to the Company’s in-depth implementation of the “Big Connectivity” strategy and deepening of its transformational and innovative development, and will provide greater support and safeguards for building a world first-tier enterprise with global competitiveness and becoming a world’s leading operator in digital innovation.


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