Brazil's first IoT network goes live in August

WND, the Latin American operator of Sigfox technology, begins the commercial operation of its IoT network in free frequency in August, with coverage of 50% of the population.

With investments of $ 50 million over the period 2017 to 2019, WND (Wireless Network Development), an English-based company that is Latin America and UK operator of Sigfox technology, is completing the first phase of its IoT network in parents. With 25 trials in clients in progress, the objective is to launch the commercial operation in August, with coverage of half the Brazilian population. And reach 100 million devices in three years.

Like the other operators, coverage began by the main capitals, but unlike them is also covering some small cities in states like Mato Grosso. "We are doing a trial at Nova Mutum," says Alexandre Silva Reis, director of operations at the company, which is based in Rio de Janeiro. According to him, if the trial succeeds, the idea is to cover the entire state of Mato Grosso, where agribusiness plays a significant role in the economy.

Agribusiness is among the five verticals chosen by WND to operate in the country, along with transportation, logistics, security and smart cities. While the IoT network can be used to connect any type of application, these verticals are the most promising in terms of business, according to surveys conducted by the company.

According to Reis, WND is responsible for providing low cost per-byte connectivity - from $ 0.50 to $ 7 per device per year. But it is their channels - carriers and Internet access providers, among others - that will be responsible for reaching the end customer, with the application (and the hardware and software integrated with it).