Beeline Kazakhstan deploys NB-IoT smart device network in Kostanay

June 4, 2018, Astana. Kostanay became the first city in Kazakhstan, in which Beeline launched a new generation network for smart devices. As part of the memorandum with KazTransGas (the main supplier of natural gas in the region), the cellular operator is implementing a joint project that will allow remotely recording gas meter readings using the NB-IoT technology.

“This project has no analogues in Kazakhstan. Data exchange technologies between devices are being introduced at high speed, and Beeline is becoming a leader in this field. Thanks to IoT, you can not only remotely monitor the operation of devices, but also minimize the influence of the human factor by automating the data collection process. This is one of the most important steps in supporting the implementation of the Digital Kazakhstan program, commented Beeline Kazakhstan Commercial Director for Corporate Business Development Rauan Kabdrakhimov.

The use of new technology can significantly expand the scope of the "Internet of Things". For example, suppliers of blue fuel will be able to remotely monitor the stability of the gas supply, its consumption, timely localize potential leaks, as well as combat illegal connections to the gas network.

The Internet of Things (IoT - Internet of Things) is a network of objects connected through data transfer technologies capable of collecting data and exchanging data from various devices.

NB-IoT (NarrowBand IoT or NarrowBand Internet of Things) is a cellular standard for exchanging data between devices. This standard is licensed and protected in contrast to similar technologies that operate in the unlicensed frequency spectrum. The features of the NB-IoT standard ensure the effective interaction of end devices (meters, sensors, sensors, etc.), maintain a high degree of connection safety and low power consumption, which allows extending the device battery life up to 10 years. In addition, the NB-IoT technology allows you to connect more than 100 thousand devices to one cell.

By 2022, NB-IoT is expected to account for more than 90% of LPWAN connections worldwide, surpassing competing standards due to its wider coverage and reliability.

Beeline Business is a multiservice communications provider. In addition to the standard list of mobile and fixed services, Beeline Business provides a large number of digital products: mobile finance, convergent services, multimedia services, including Big Data analytics services (Big Data), cloud SaaS solutions, Internet of things, and Mobile Device Management (MDM) and E2E solutions.

Read more about the KazTransGas meter implementation here.

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