Baktelecom launches TDD LTE network in Azerbaijan

Baku Telephone Communication LLC (Baktelecom) is launching the last generation wireless communication technology (LTE - Long Term Evolution) to provide high-quality communication services in the vicinities of Baku and near-shore areas.

At the initial stage, broadband telecommunications services will be provided to the areas with limited communication infrastructure. Baktelecom is now building new stations in a number of residential areas around Baku.   

Under the project, the number of base stations of the LTE network will be further increased in order to provide residents of the mentioned areas with telecommunication services before the onset of summer season. 

Citizens who live or work in the areas covered by the LTE network and want to avail themselves of telephone, internet and other multimedia services should obtain special devices which support LTE technology.  

Note that among the advantages of LTE technology, which operates based on IP technology, is that it can transfer data at a high speed and provide telecommunication services to areas with limited communication infrastructure in a flexible manner.

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