Bakcell deploys 225 Mbps LTE-A network

Bakcell, The First Mobile Operator and The Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan, is announcing 225 Mbps support in its ultra-fast LTE network by upgrading it with LTE-Advanced Carrier aggregation technology. Bakcell is proud to be one of 73 networks (out of 422) worldwide using carrier aggregation technology and having LTE-Advance category 6 enabled.

Launched in May 2015, Bakcell LTE network provides a high quality and fastest mobile internet experience to all Bakcell customers operating in 1800 MHz band and supporting most advanced technologies being Category 4 (up to 150 Mbps) enabled.

Now, with the help of most advanced carrier aggregation technology Bakcell customers will experience 50% faster internet with up to 225 Mbps download speed capability.

Carrier aggregation: why it is important?

Carrier aggregation technology makes possible to use multiple radio channels (carriers) in different or the same frequency bands as if they were one. More carriers mean more speed and more capacity. This is similar to expanding the lanes on crowded motorway to multilane autobahn. As much lanes you have, as more cars can path with highest speed. Carrier aggregation category 6 technology level itself allows achieving up to 300 Mbps having 40MHz bandwidth on certain or across multiple frequency bands.

Having a right device means having the best experience

With LTE category 6 support device that can operate in 1800 MHz (Band 3), user will get a full benefit of having ultimate experience at Bakcell ultra-fast LTE-Advanced mobile network.

As of October 2015, such well known manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony and others already released more than 80 devices that are commercially available on the market and supports LTE-A category 6 operation in 1800 band. Quantity of such devices is rapidly increasing.

Customer experience will change

Bakcell gives the first priority to providing of best customer experience. Today Bakcell customers experience in average 20-30 Mbps in LTE network that is mostly driven by device and apps need.

“We expect that performance having a Category 6 capable device will double and will reach 60 Mbps in average. This will provide Bakcell customer’s with ultimate quality of experience. With doubled download speed, digital experience at Bakcell LTE network will enhance by means of reduced lag in content downloading, intensified real-time game play on mobile game apps and overall on-the-go productivity enhancement. With this incredible download speed battery life will last even longer than before as download time will reduce together with a need to load device radio transceiver and CPU”, says says Mr. Yigit Berktash, Chief Technical Officer of Bakcell.

You can also get much more from ultra-fast mobile broadband while using your ordinary services:

  • LTE-A (20MHz) = 150 Mbps
  • LTE-A (30 MHz) = 225 Mbps

How users may benefit from LTE-Advanced technologies?

Demand in ultra-speed mobile broadband is growing. LTE Category 6 network will change our daily lives by opening a door to whole new world with watching high definition 4K videos, live video upstream in HD quality to share your precious moments in live action sports and concerts in real time via popular sharing portals, using more wearable technologies and increasingly sophisticated next generation mobile business applications with remote analyzing big data such as medical services, having all application and devices being connected in the Internet of things and bringing us to the era of true smart homes.

First LTE network will be upgraded in Baku city area to support 225 Mbps and then Absheron peninsula area will follow next shortly.

Bakcell will continue to invest best technology for our customers comfort. 4G network enables customers’ devices with longer battery life than even 2G networks, higher quality and speeds in even very low coverage areas. It is possible to get 5-10 mbps speed even two bar sign on your phone. Our 4G coverage is extended wider than some operators 3G network in Baku alsready.

Bakcell invites everyone to join the privilege club of users to enjoy the cutting edge LTE-Advance technologies and innovations with Bakcell ultra-fast mobile broadband services.