Asia-Pacific Telecom officially launches NB-IoT in Taiwan

Asia-Pacific Telecom actively deployed 5G and NB-IoT IoT services. In October last year, it became the first Taiwanese telecommunications partner of the GSMA NB-IoT Forum. At this stage, Asia-Pacific Telecom is fully sprinting the construction of NB-IoT commercial network and obtaining NCC grants. After connecting 2.5 million gates, it will continue to develop and create more application services that provide the Internet of Things industry. From now on, Asia-Pacific Telecom will open a full-area NB-IoT service business, and Asia-Pacific Telecom's NB-IoT service covers all of Taiwan. Asia-Pacific Telecom offers a limited time free experience program for enterprise users, allowing partners in various fields to experience the convenience of Asia-Pacific Telecom's NB-IoT service and enjoy the Internet of Things service. The event date is from now until August 31, and can be applied. 90-day unlimited NB-IoT IoT experience solution for free Internet access, welcome to apply for an appointment on the Asia-Pacific Telecom official website Internet of Things.

Prior to this, Asia Pacific Telecom and GSMA cooperated to build the 36th Open Lab of GSMA, and is the first GSMA Mobile IoT Open LAB certification laboratory in Taiwan. It provides a complete verification network architecture and test system, so that all partners can The Asia-Pacific Telecom official website will apply for relevant verification tests. The Asia-Pacific Telecom Internet of Things Certification Lab will not only be limited to NB-IoT, but also related Internet of Things technologies including LoRa and LTE-M, and hope to provide it through laboratory verification. Partners can get more information and complete end-to-end services, whether it is the development of innovative applications or hardware improvements, can be carried out in the Asia Pacific Telecom Lab to create an Internet of Things environment.

Asia-Pacific Telecom aims to reach 2 million IoT connections by the end of 2020. The Internet of Things industry took off this year, in the future of the Internet of Things, from personal wearable devices to mobile vehicles; from entertainment to medical care, from home to commercial applications. NB-IoT low equipment cost, low power consumption, create a new business model, life will only be more SMART in the future, Asia-Pacific Telecom proposed that the Internet of Things solution can be widely used in life, including four major markets:

  1. Smart city solutions: such as smart instrumentation, smart parking, air quality monitoring and disaster prevention.
  2. Digital life solutions: such as home security and pet tracking.
  3. Smart medical care: such as monitoring the physical function of the elders and tracking the medications of the elders.
  4. Smart factory and industrial applications.

At the same time, Asia-Pacific Telecom also actively applied NB-IoT in the field of public service, with water, electricity, gas meter smart metering, public parking management, environmental monitoring and other fields as the entry point, Asia-Pacific Telecom has been actively participating in the construction of government smart cities. In non-public utility applications, NB-IoT's transmission characteristics are also suitable for the whole process management and traceability of livestock farming, high value-added agricultural production and circulation fields such as aquaculture and flowers. These highlights were all cited by the GSMA as "Greater China Leading the Development and Innovation of the Global Industrial Internet of Things", and the report was reported in the report.

Asia Pacific Telecom is committed to innovative services such as IoT solutions and smart connections. It also actively calls for partners across the software and hardware suppliers to create an IoT ecosystem with vertical integration and symbiosis in the upstream and downstream industries. Service and competitive tariffs, the Internet of Things will be implemented in various industrial fields and in your life, to achieve the era of universal access.