A1 implements Pre-5G at Vienna International Airport

  • Maximum performance and security through A1 Network Slicing
  • Austria's first Pre5G campus network offers fastest data rates and best availability at the airport
  • New mobile technologies provide security for all critical IT and mobile applications at the airport

Vienna Airport is the first company in Austria to focus on the next evolution in mobile communications. The Pre5G Campus network, implemented by A1 in collaboration with technology partner Nokia, is already taking advantage of key features of the next 5G mobile communications generation. Technologies such as Network Slicing and Small Cells ensure maximum security and a highly available and efficient mobile airport service.

"With more than 25 million passengers and just under 225,000 aircraft movements per year, Vienna International Airport is one of the most important transport hubs in Central Europe," says Flughafen Wien AG Executive Board member Günther Ofner. "The airport's demands on the communications network are correspondingly high. With A1, we have found a competent digitization partner and developed a solution that meets the requirements of the airport of the future, offers passengers the best possible customer experience and guarantees a high level of reliability of the apron processes. "

Network Slicing: Vienna Airport becomes 5G campus

A1 CEO Marcus Grausam on the implementation of the first Pre5G campus network: "A1 has implemented a pioneering campus network at Vienna Airport, which guarantees maximum availability through Pre5G technologies and enables secure IoT connectivity. With network slicing we now have the opportunity to design the performance of the network according to requirements. Thus, Vienna International Airport is optimally prepared for the digital challenges of the future. "

Peter Wukowits, Managing Director of Nokia Austria on the challenges: "On the one hand, airports have a high demand for automation, efficiency and security, on the other hand, travelers expect high service quality and fast data rates. The campus network provides an ideal solution to meet the diverse and diverse needs of Nokia's and A1's pre5G technology. "

The A1 Pre5G Campus solution at Vienna Airport uses the possibilities of network slicing. Thus, the mobile network at the airport distinguishes both physically and logically between the broadband Internet of travelers and the IT requirements of the airport itself. In this way, the network ensures the security of critical processes, regardless of the intensity of passengers' mobile use.

Devices such as luggage scanners, handling equipment or tablets can now be integrated into the campus network of the airport. This ensures that responsible persons can always communicate even in an emergency.

The introduction of a virtualized edge computing platform will also leave all sensitive traffic at the airport. This additional computing resources close to the users significantly reduces the latency and the transportable traffic of the applications.

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