4ka conducts Slovakia's first 5G test

The future of telecommunications has arrived in Slovakia. The first public 5G video call in the history of the country was made today in the mobile operator network 4ka. Today, journalists in the heart of Slovakia, in Banská Bystrica, were the first to test how a fifth-generation network works.

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, which brings mainly high-speed data transfer over the air. This technology will open up new opportunities in industry, IoT (Internet of Things), management and safety of cities, support the deployment of autonomous vehicles, but thanks to the extremely short response, it will enable, for example, the development of remote health care solutions from anywhere.

“In order to launch our 5G network, it was necessary to combine the power of 4ky and SWAN, ie their 1.8 and 3.7 GHz frequency bands. This close cooperation will enable both sister companies to introduce new types of convergent services to their customers. Quads will be able to use the high 5G speed on their smartphones. SWAN is a leader in the field of fixed connection of households through the LTE network, which will be further strengthened and improved by 5G, ” added Roman Vavrík, CEO of SWAN.

Operators today demonstrated for the first time publicly in Slovakia a 5G video call, 1 Gbit / s connection speed in a mobile network, showed the possibility of using the latest generation network for video on demand services and also using virtual reality technology using both drone and panoramic camera. 

The technical partner of the project is ZTE. “Our company lives innovations to bring the technology of tomorrow to their everyday lives. We are happy that our partners in Slovakia are just 4 and SWAN, ” said ZTE Vice President Li Ming in Banská Bystrica.                                               

“After today's public presentation, our specialists will continue to work intensively to develop customer solutions built on the new fifth generation network. We expect new types of 5G terminals (smartphones, routers, etc.) to appear on the Slovak market in the short term, which will enable their first commercial use in the 4ky and SWAN network, ” said Juraj Ondriš, Chairman of the Boards of SWAN and SWAN Mobile.

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