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Company Overview

Vodafone New Zealand Limited provides telecommunication services in New Zealand. It offers mobile, broadband, and television services to individuals and business clients. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Vodafone New Zealand Limited operates as a subsidiary of Vodafone Europe B.V.

The company has invested millions of dollars in its 3G network, improving capacity in congested urban areas. It has New Zealand's first 4G LTE network and continues to maintain its 2G network. In February 2013, Vodafone New Zealand launched their LTE network which is currently available in 54 centres in total. In June 2014, Vodafone was ranked the fastest mobile network on the planet by speed-testing service Ookla.

In October 2006, Vodafone bought ihug, New Zealand's third largest Internet service provider and now provides Internet service under the Vodafone New Zealand brand name. In 2012 Vodafone also bought TelstraClear, making it NZ's second largest ISP.

Vodafone NZ IoT

Following Spark's IoT network announcement, in July 2017 the company announced its plans to begin rollout of a nationwide LPWA network based utilising NB-IoT (LTE Cat-NB1). Vodafone commercially launched both NB-IoT and eMTC (LTE-M) networks in November 2018 over the operator's existing 4G LTE spectrum.

3G UMTS Network Information

Details on UMTS network deployments are shown below. Data are often incomplete due to commercial nature. Consult dossier text for further details.

Launch Date 2006-10 Status Active
UMTS BandPacket DataStatus
4G LTE Network Information

Details on LTE network deployments are shown below. Data are often incomplete due to commercial nature. Consult dossier text for further details.

Evolution Status Active [Launched 2013-02]
Max. MIMO Max. Modulation
Carrier Aggregation Features
LTE BandChannel WidthStatus
15 MHz Active
20 MHz Active
15 MHz Active
IoT Network - NB-IoT (LTE Cat-NB1)
Technology Status Active
Band Launch Date
IoT Network - eMTC (LTE Cat-M1)
Technology Status Active
Band Launch Date

Services Available

As specialists in 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular technologies, our R-Spectrum team provides in-country technical services to most regions around the world. Operating on a contract basis we are often sent to remote and isolated regions to assist companies in establishing voice and data communications.

Through our R-Spectrum team, we help our clients visualise and understand mobile signal issues by offering a range of radio frequency modelling services for 2G GSM, 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, and 5G NR cellular technologies. The first step to solving any problem is to understand the problem.