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Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications S.A.E

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Joint Venture

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Company Overview

Vodafone Egypt (ڤودافون مٙصر) is the largest mobile network operating in Egypt. The company was founded in November 1998 as Click GSM, operated by MisrFone Group; a consortium between Vodafone International, Air Touch, and international partners. Initially holding a 30% share, Vodafone increased its shareholding in 1999 following the acquisition of Air Touch, and again in 2002 with a buyout of VIVENDI France's stake. Now holding 70%, Vodafone rebranded Click GSM to Vodafone Egypt in January 2002. After forming a partnership with Telecom Egypt (TE), the new structure consisted of Vodafone Group with 54.93%, Telecom Egypt with 44.94%, and a minority free float of 0.13%.

The company has provided 2G GSM services over 900 MHz since inception, and launched 3G UMTS over B1 (2100 MHz) in May 2007. Vodafone's 3G network was upgraded to DC-HSPA+ in 2012, supporting peak DL rates up to 42 Mbps. Vodafone received its 4G LTE licence in October 2016 with commercial launch in September 2017 over a 10 MHz channel in the B3 (1800 MHz) band.