Vodafone Cameroon

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Company Name

Afrimax Cameroon B.V.

Ownership Type

Joint Venture

Ownership/Controlling Entity

Company Overview

Vodafone Cameroon was formed as a joint venture between Afrimax Group and Vodafone Group, with Afrimax holding the entire equitable stake. Vodafone-Afrimax operate in 17 countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Vodafone Cameroon launched 4G LTE services in September 2016. Vodafone-Afrimax typically deploy 2300 MHz and 2500 MHz TDD-LTE networks through its strategic partnership with ZTE. It was currently unclear as to the specific frequency operated by Vodafone Cameroon, with the expectation of B41 (2500 MHz) as deployed by other operators in the country.

After having its licence withdrawn by the Cameroon Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Afrimax was forced to close operations on the company on the 10th of November 2017.