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Telia is the largest mobile network operator servicing in Finland. The company was founded in 1998 then as Sonera, however has a history dating as far back as 1917 as state-run Suomen Lennätinlaitos. The privatisation process first began in 1993, when it became the state run enterprise Telecom Finland Oy (Tele), and again in 1998 when partially privatised to become Sonera Oy. In November 1999 the company listed 22% of its shareholding on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, increasing to 47.2% over the next two years. In March 2002 Sonera announced a merger with fellow Nordic telecoms company Telia, becoming TeliaSonera AB in March 2003, and the Finnish mobile network operator becoming TeliaSonera Finland Oyj. In March 2017 TeliaSonera was rebranded to Telia. Telia Finland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telia Company.

The company has provided 2G GSM services over 900 and 1800 MHz bands since June 1992, and launched 3G UMTS over B1 (2100 MHz) in May 2007 and B8 (900 MHz) in June 2009. 3G services were upgraded to DC-HSPA+ in 2012. 4G LTE services were launched in November 2010 over the B7 (2600 MHz) band and complemented by B3 (1800 MHz) in August 2011. A 300 Mbps 2C CA service over B3 and B7 (CA_3A-7A) was commercially launched in 2015, and 3C CA trials adding a B20 (800 MHz) service was announced in September 2015 reaching data rates of 375 Mbps DL.

LTE-A Pro technology was demonstrated in December 2016 with data rates up to 640 Mbps achieved. The company has been awarded 10 MHz of paired 700 MHz spectrum, however is yet to deploy an LTE carrier.

Live testing of NB-IoT and eMTC (Cat-M1) was announced in November 2017, with commercial activation confirmed in March 2018.

3G UMTS Network Information

Details on UMTS network deployments are shown below. Data are often incomplete due to commercial nature. Consult dossier text for further details.

Launch Date 2007-05 Status Active
UMTS BandPacket DataStatus
4G LTE Network Information

Details on LTE network deployments are shown below. Data are often incomplete due to commercial nature. Consult dossier text for further details.

Evolution Status Active [Launched 2010-11]
Max. MIMO Max. Modulation
Carrier Aggregation Features
LTE BandChannel WidthStatus
20 MHz Active
20 MHz Active
10 MHz Active
IoT Network - eMTC (LTE Cat-M1)
Technology Status Testing
Band - Launch Date -
IoT Network - NB-IoT (LTE Cat-NB1)
Technology Status Active
Band Launch Date

News & Developments

Telia is the first operator in Finland to bring the Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology to its network. The new technology, designed for the Internet of Things, makes it possible to easily connect a huge number of sensors directly to the mobile network in order to collect real-time data, even in challenging places.

“Rebranding our Finnish operations is another step in our journey towards becoming one New Generation Telco under one brand in all our countries, and I am delighted to welcome my Finnish colleagues and customers to the Telia family.

Valdur Laid, CEO of Sonera, said: “We want to drive the industry change and be at the cutting edge of development. Together with Nokia we will ensure that Sonera’s customers in Finland will be able to have the best network and we will also be able to start early with our 5G partnerships to make tomorrow’s services come alive.”

Espoo, Finland - Nokia conducted a trial using NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology on Finnish operator Sonera's  commercial 4G network to accelerate the creation of an IoT ecosystem, and provide support for the ever-growing number of IoT-connected devices.