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Company Name

Telecommunications Tokelau Corporation

Ownership Type

State/Government Owned



4G LTE Frequency Bands


Teletok is the local telecommunications company operating in Tokelau. The government-owned corporation provides fixed and wireless services to the three islands of Tokelau; Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo. There are no other telecommunications companies operating in Tokelau.

The company operates one 4G LTE tower on each of the three main islands, which has provided both VoLTE and data services over B28 (700 MHz) since activation in May 2017.

News & Developments

Tokelau achieved a new milestone in its national development and nationhood aspirations when it officially launched its 4G LTE mobile network.

Minister for Telecommunications, Mose Pelasio in his keynote address to the nation said the milestone “brings us on par in the world of modern communications.