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Company Name

South East Asia Telecom (Cambodia) Co, Ltd.

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4G LTE Frequency Bands

Company Overview

South East Asia Telecom Group Ltd (SEATEL Group) was established in 2014 in Singapore as a mobile telecom and ISP investor in ASEAN region. South East Asia  Telecom (Cambodia) Co, Ltd (SEATEL Cambodia), founded in 2014, the subsidiary of SEATELGroup in Cambodia, is a comprehensive telecommunication operator whose business includes mobile telecommunication and Internet services.

In 2015 Seatel Group switched off its previous CDMA-based network operating under the Excell brand, and launched its LTE-only Seatel network. Seatel operates 4G LTE over B5 (850 MHz), holding 5.4 MHz of paired spectrum, and provides both data and voice (VoLTE) services.