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Company Name

Dade Gostare Asre Novin PJSC

Ownership Type

Privately Held



4G LTE Frequency Bands

Company Overview

Dade Gostare Asre Novin, trading as HiWEB, is an internet service provider operating in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Dade Gostare Asre Novin has been a fixed service provider since 2003 and introduced the HiWEB brand in 2009. The company forged a strategic partnership with Vodafone in October 2016 to modernise and expand the company's telecommunications services.

The company began a 4G TDD LTE rollout in 2015 over B39 (1900 MHz), later adding FDD B20 (800 MHz). The rollout focuses on rural and remote areas as one of the biggest projects in the Middle East covering 25,000 villages in Iran.

News & Developments

Vodafone and HiWEB, a leading Iranian ISP, today jointly announced a new non-equity Partner Market agreement for Iran.

Vodafone will assist HiWEB in rolling out and modernising network and IT infrastructure, expanding the fixed and mobile internet services - under the HiWEB brand - that HiWEB can offer to its Iranian consumer and corporate customers.