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Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd.

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4G LTE Frequency Bands

Company Overview

Asia Pacific Telecom, founded in 2000, was formed by the parent company, Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom Co., Ltd. (originally named Eastern Broadband Telecommunications Co., Ltd) consolidating the subsidiaries, "Asia Pacific Mobile Broadband" and "Asia Pacific Online Service" respectively in 2007 and 2011.

The company has traditionally been a CDMA operator which operated over CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. B (800MHz), until the service was discontinued in August 2017. APT advised that it had planned to migrate all 3G customers across to its 4G LTE network which was launched in December 2014. 4G LTE began on B28 (700 MHz) and later expanded with B8 (900 MHz). TDD-LTE was introduced in September 2018 over B38 (2600 MHz), after securing additional spectrum from 2570 to 2595 MHz in 2016. The company implements a number of AirSpan small cell solutions to convert B8/28 carriers into B38 (2600 MHz) for indoor coverage.

In July 2018 the company announced the introduction of NB-IoT along with eMTC (Cat-M1) and LTE-M on its existing B8 (900 MHz) and B28 (700 MHz) 4G networks, following a year-long development process.

4G LTE Network Information

Details on LTE network deployments are shown below. Data are often incomplete due to commercial nature. Consult dossier text for further details.

Evolution Status Active [Launched 2014-12]
Max. MIMO Max. Modulation
Carrier Aggregation - Features
LTE BandChannel WidthStatus
10 MHz Active
10 MHz Active
20 MHz Active
IoT Network - NB-IoT (LTE Cat-NB1)
Technology Status Active
Band Launch Date
IoT Network - eMTC (LTE Cat-M1)
Technology Status Active
Band Launch Date