Important Disclaimers and Disclosures

These disclaimers and disclosures relate to the use of media provided by HB Radiofrequency and its affiliates worldwide.  The information is pertinent to all clients being individual, corporate or institutional and to all other users.  All HB Radiofrequency media is subject to copyright.

To ensure that clients and other users understand their rights when using media provided by HBR, terms and conditions are presented below.

There are risks that arise through reliance on another’s information and HBR seeks to make our clients and other users aware of the native risks stemming from any action taken or other reliance on our media. 

In continuance to being Vendor Neutral and for greater clarity in business transactions HB Radiofrequency discloses conflicts of interests that arise.  Owing to HBR’s unique position harmonising clients and vendors there are conflict of interest occurrences and it is imperative that clients understand these.