Vendor Neutrality

As a vendor neutral institution, our company occupies a privileged space in the market where our consultants are not biased towards any one solution or supplier to ensure clients are presented with the best available options from across the market.  This unique position is fortified by the firm through avoiding entering exclusive distribution deals with technology companies and manufacturers.

The philosophy behind HB Radiofrequency’s posture is that a strongly contested and free market, without partiality, provides conditions where clients deliver better performing projects at a lower cost, and vendors must continually enhance their offerings and improve business performance.

Without Compensation

As a consultancy firm operating in the high technology sector it is imperative that agility remains a core business strength. The wireless industry in particular is growing at such a relentless pace that it is common to see components incorrectly integrated into systems that do not allow for interoperability or future development, and places the users in a position where they are forced to persist with outdated technology standards, or risk poor performance. The firm's advice is always provided on the merit of the component or solution and the associated risks and is not influenced by vendor loyalty; HBR never receives compensation from vendors for recommending their products/services.

Instead, our firm derives its earnings in a transparent manner based entirely on the set of risk-reduction services requested by the client. It is our belief that firms which do not add value to the lifecycle, and do not price such value honestly, will not stand the test of time.

Without Prejudice

For a vendor, HB Radiofrequency is an equitable, non-discriminatory marketplace where products and services are assessed and offered to clients without prejudice, based solely on merit. Thus, a vendor has opportunities to present their value proposition to a broad class of clientele from across the globe, where they may have otherwise missed out due to the asymmetric nature of the marketplace.

Being vendor neutral allows the firm to realise substantial returns for both clients and vendors by driving out inefficiencies ordinarily present due to lack of fair competition, information asymmetry, and other barriers. With HBR’s neutral business structure, the advice provided to clients has greatly reduced the costs of projects and significantly lowered risk exposure while allowing vendors to compete for business based on genuine value proposition.