Conflict Resources

HB Radiofrequency recognises and appreciates the sentiment behind the OECD’s Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains in relation to minerals from conflict zones, and parallel covenants covering other natural resources that are used to fund conflicts. 

Due to the complex nature of sourcing from globally diverse deposits and the techniques employed during refining it is unrealistic for any downstream company in the supply chain to correctly identify conflict resources in components and manufactured products.  Nevertheless, should HBR become aware that a supplier is using natural resources that violates laws pertaining to conflict resources the company’s position dictates that commercial engagement with that supplier is ceased.

Conflict mining in remote jungle

Resources, by their very definition, are valuable.  It is the challenge of beneficiaries to use precious commodities, such as those sourced from natural resources, as intelligently as possible.  HB Radiofrequency believes that the advancement of humanity should be harmonious with our environment and not at its expense.  This philosophy extends to the exploitation of natural resources to pursue warfare which often causes suffering not only to the belligerents but often draws in otherwise dissociate third parties and inflicts severe damage upon the environment from the unregulated business practices.