About Our Logo

The distinctive logo identifying Halberd Bastion is a conscientiously crafted device which is emblematic of the resolve and high ideals the firm strives to achieve and maintain.  The two elements that when combined create the motif are the Lion, and Polearm.


The lion on Halberd Bastion’s logo represents the firm’s commitment to prudence, respectability, and professionalism through ethical service to others.


An organisation desiring to make a meaningful contribution to the world must have noble intent and high ideals.  Fully realising the potential of the global wireless ecosystem requires that one demonstrate sound judgement, good standing, and rigorous adherence to principles of professionalism.  These traits serve as a bastion from which an organisation can serve others ethically.


One of the most recognised animal symbols globally, the lion has long had widespread cultural significance within human societies.  Often associated as being the ‘King of Beasts’ its poise is one of a very noble creature and is typically represented as the embodiment of noble qualities.  A lion, shown in a rampant contourné position, is the common element that links all logos within the Halberd Bastion Group.


The polearm on Halberd Bastion’s logo represents the firm’s determination to remain a competitive force in the market though continual self-improvement.


Commerce is hostile.  Rival enterprises are fiercely competitive, introduction of new technology displaces incumbents and renders entire business models obsolete, global market forces like supply/demand will strip product profitability.  Yet when challenged with adversity such as this the opportunity for improvement is simultaneously presented; while contestants of trade do battle the net result to humanity is overwhelmingly beneficial.


Polearms have historically been used to fulfil a wide variety of roles suitable for applications both defensive and offensive.  The sheer versatility of this type of weapon has led to local variants being developed by almost every culture around the globe.  Epitomising global citizenship and recognising cultural uniqueness the firm incorporates the local version into the logo of its business unit where possible.

Notice of Registered Trademarks

The words Halberd Bastion, halberdbastion, and the Halberd Bastion Lion & Polearm, are registered trademarks protected by Australian and international trademark law. Halberd Bastion Pty Ltd (hereafter: The Company) are owners of the aforementioned trademarks and hold rights to their exclusive use. Any unauthorised use of the above marks will amount to violation of The Company's rights and will attract Civil and/or Criminal action.