Partnership Commitment

Adherence to laws and ethics when conducting business is essential for developing a foundation that ensures a stable and enduring relationship between Business Partners and Halberd Bastion (Halberd Bastion Pty Ltd and its affiliated entities).  To maintain good business order, act ethically and with integrity, avoid commercial bribery and unfair competition, as a business partner, I assure the following to Halberd Bastion:

  1. Partner shall comply with all state and local laws, regulations and generally accepted business ethics, keep honest and trustworthy in all business activities.  Partner shall comply with Halberd Bastion’s partner policies, and recognize Halberd Bastion’s unilateral right to file and interpret all concerned documents.
  2. Partner shall strictly comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws, and fulfil all obligations related to anti-corruption.
  3. Partner should never provide or promise to provide any Halberd Bastion employee or his/her family members with gifts, entertainment or anything of value to obtain favourable treatment from Halberd Bastion.  Should a Partner encounter a Halberd Bastion employee extorting bribes or improper benefit, the Partner shall report to Halberd Bastion immediately and provide relevant evidence.
  4. To avoid conflict of interests, Halberd Bastion employee should not have a financial interest in any organization with which Halberd Bastion does business or competes.  Whenever a Halberd Bastion employee or his/her immediate family work for Partner, or act as an employee of, consultant to or board member of Partner, Partner shall report to Halberd Bastion immediately.
  5. Partner shall comply with all applicable antitrust and competition laws.  Partner shall avoid fixing prices, rigging bids, allocating customers or markets with Halberd Bastion’s competitors, or exchanging current, recent, or future price information with Halberd Bastion’s competitors.
  6. Partner shall ensure that all information and data submitted to Halberd Bastion is true, legal and effective, including but not limited to complete and accurate purchase orders, sales reports, special bid requests, rebates and reimbursement requests.  Partner shall actively cooperate with Halberd Bastion’s audit and not conceal anything that might negatively affect the interests of Halberd Bastion.
  7. Partner shall ensure that all statements and representations employees make to clients are accurate, complete, and truthful, within the authorized commitments of Halberd Bastion.
  8. Partner shall maintain the confidentiality of Halberd Bastion and client confidential information and other proprietary information.  If Partner is aware of material, non-public information relating to Halberd Bastion or its business, Partner is not allowed to seek improper benefit or engage in any other action to take advantage of that information, including passing that information on to others without the prior written permission of Halberd Bastion.
  9. Partner shall respect and protect the reputation of Halberd Bastion’s brand and intellectual property.  Partner is not allowed to sell unauthorized products by using Halberd Bastion’s logo, trademark or brand, nor shall engage in selling or purchasing of counterfeit products.
  10. In accordance with its agreement with Halberd Bastion, Partner has full responsibility to ensure that any subcontractors, agents or other third parties employed by it will comply with local laws, act ethically and with integrity, and in accordance with Halberd Bastion’s partner policies mentioned in this document.

Halberd Bastion has the right to supervise the Partner during implementing above commitment, and any violation may lead to disqualification of Partner and compensation if any loss is suffered by Halberd Bastion.

If you have any question about this commitment, or become aware of any suspicious behaviour which may constitute a violation, please send an email to