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HB Radiofrequency’s client base spans the globe and their requirements are often as unique as the companies themselves.  Through technical insight and maintaining the position as a Vendor Neutral consultant, HBR empowers this diversified global client base with the provision of wireless communication components that are tailored for the unique applications for which they are required.  The ability to harmonise vendors with clients requires exceptional relationships with all parties; it is through these connections that the foundation of shared success is established.

Vendors benefit through gaining access to HBR’s discerning clientele by having their range of products considered for integration.  Clients use HBR as a ‘clearing house’ or ‘exchange’ for goods, ensuring that transactions are settled appropriately and thus removing the greater part of risk exposure, this risk reduction is mirrored for vendors.

The fundamental attraction of HBR is the value provided to clients by the firm across all business segments, including procurement services.  Occasionally this is mistaken by prospective vendors as simply providing access to competitively priced hardware; however, the largest component of the procurement value to clients when harmonising with vendors is accurately matching the requirement for quality.  HBR looks for an appropriate Quality Management System / ISO 9001 certification, particularly in vendors supplying services/products related to the design, manufacture and testing of RF components.

As a firm, HBR takes its reputation for excellence earnestly and seeks to align with business partners who share in our commitment to providing exceptional results for clients.  In selecting vendors, HBR considers businesses that can supply products and services which are reliable, cost-effective and produced ethically.  Prospective vendors are evaluated on several criteria, including:

  • Ability to assist HBR in meeting business goals
  • Professionalism conducting business
  • Quality of products and services
  • Delivery to schedule
  • Pricing
  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) commitments

Please take time to review the following documents:

If your organisation is interested in becoming a Halberd Bastion vendor, please complete the Prospective Vendor Form.  Note that submission of the form is for informational purposes and internal use only.  It is not a guarantee of business and does not ensure ‘Approved’ vendor status.  You will be contacted at Halberd Bastion’s discretion upon review of your submission.  Enquiries providing products/services not currently sought will be maintained for future consideration.

Message from the Director of Trading

Director of Trading, Ranjie Orr
by Ranjie Orr,
Director of Trading (Australia)

As new technologies evolve and the markets in which we operate continue to grow and develop it is crucial that innovative hardware vendors are incorporated into the supply chain.  In circumstances where incumbent enterprises struggle to adapt, a new and agile vendor can find their products thrust into the forefront of selection.

Our brokerage model for hardware is increasingly finding favour from clients seeking a way to bypass local distributors that are not providing them with value.  As such we welcome new vendors to become our partners, allowing you to find new customers and us to continue the development of the Global Wireless Ecosystem.

I encourage any supplier that can meet our company’s high standards to contact us.  It is with great satisfaction that I have observed, and continue to observe, the positive relationships between our company, our clients, and our partners.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for registering my company as a vendor?

Complete the below Prospective Vendor Form.

Does my company have to be certified to ISO 9001?

Halberd Bastion’s expectation is that vendors meet the requirements of ISO 9001 for relevant processes and be certified by a third party certification body.  In countries where third party certification does not exist, self-certification documentation is acceptable, but remains subject to review and approval by Halberd Bastion.

A company without certification may still apply to become a vendor, all applications are individually reviewed by Halberd Bastion’s Supply Chain Department; a company that does not have ISO 9001 certification but meets other key criteria may still be eligible to become a vendor.

What happens after I submit a vendor profile to HBR?  Will someone contact me?

You will be contacted at HBR’s discretion upon review of your Prospective Vendor Form.  Enquiries providing products/services not currently sought will be maintained for future consideration.

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