Client Applications

Before offering commercial services to individuals, corporations or institutions Halberd Bastion requires that prospective clients complete a short application. This process has been designed to ensure that all parties are aware of the expectations placed on them when entering the relationship.  With a diverse global client base Halberd Bastion understands the importance that good communication plays in effectively addressing business needs and this client application process is a necessary first step towards realising the benefits of accessing a premier wireless telecommunication consultancy firm.

Through our technical insight and by firmly maintaining the position as a Vendor Neutral consultant, Halberd Bastion empowers clients by providing specialist advice and wireless communication components that are tailored for the unique applications for which they are required.  Becoming a client also allows the use of Halberd Bastion as a ‘clearing house’ or ‘exchange’ for goods, ensuring that transactions are settled appropriately and thus removing the greater part of your risk exposure.

If your organisation is interested in becoming a client of Halberd Bastion, please complete the Client Application Form.  Note that submission of the form is for informational purposes and internal use only.  It is not a guarantee of acceptance and does not ensure ‘Official’ client status.  You will be contacted at Halberd Bastion’s discretion upon review of your submission.  Enquiries that are unsuccessful will be maintained for future consideration.

Message from the Director of Trading

Director of Trading, Ranjie Orr
by Ranjie Orr,
Director of Trading (Australia)

It is a pleasure establishing and developing professional relationships with fellow industry leaders.  We look forward to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each new client and working to deliver the best possible fiscal and operational benefits.

The firm was founded with integrity and professionalism as keystones; I am proud to say that these qualities are continuously maintained by my colleagues at Halberd Bastion.  Being our client means more than access to quality brokerage and consultancy services, you are entitled to expect outstanding service from a progressive firm that responds dynamically to provide solutions for your challenges.

If you are interested in exploring how Halberd Bastion can assist I encourage you to contact us.  Speaking on behalf of all advisors, thank you for considering our firm during this exciting age of wireless development.


Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to ask a general question; do I have to be a client to do this?

No, only those wishing to capitalise on the range of commercial services offered by Halberd Bastion are required to be clients.  All initial enquiries and general questions should be directed to Contact Form on the Contact Us page.

What is the procedure to become a client?

Complete the below Client Application Form.

What happens after I submit a client profile to Halberd Bastion?  Will someone contact me?

You will be contacted at Halberd Bastion’s discretion upon review of your Client Application Form.  Enquiries that are unsuccessful will be maintained for future consideration.

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